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All fish orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday.  Fish are carefully packaged and placed for shipping with UPS for Overnight delivery. If you are local to

Columbia, South Carolina, you may also pick up orders by appointment at the

State Farmers Market.


Shipping charges for fish are based on the destination and are calculated at checkout.  Consumables have a separate flat rate shipping fee of $7.

Tracking numbers are provided for all orders.

Please note that Serenity Koi Sales does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or PO Boxes.

Fish shipping rates can be viewed here.


  1. Remove the bag from the box. Examine the fish and report any issues to Serenity Koi Sales within three hours of delivery. If your fish shows any signs of distress, immediately remove the fish from the bag and into your water garden or quarantine tank. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

  2. Float the bag in your water garden or quarantine tank for at least 15 minutes.

  3. After 15 minutes have passed, open the bag and gently lift the fish out and place it in its new home. Don't pour the water from the bag into your water garden as it contains fish byproducts and waste from its travels.

  4. Add Aqua Xtreme or Stress Coat to reduce fish stress.

  5. Enjoy!

**It is recommended that you quarantine your new fish for at least two weeks.**


- Credit Cards / Debit Cards

- PayPal


Serenity Koi Sales offers a live on arrival guarantee.  Shipments must be accepted on the first delivery attempt.  No guarantee is offered beyond this as each customer's water parameters and quarantine procedures are outside of Serenity's control. In the rare event that a fish is not alive upon arrival, Serenity Koi Sales must be notified via email within three hours of delivery.  Your email must include a photo of the fish in its original bag with the fish band in place.  Upon review of your email and photo, a refund will be issued.

Serenity Koi Sales only purchases from reputable breeders who have the best quarantine and health measures in place.  Once the fish are received, additional quarantine and health practices are continued.  Every precaution is taken to ensure that you will receive a healthy fish; however, fish do become ill just as people do.  If by rare chance a fish does become ill or injured during the holding period, the fish will not be shipped to you.  You will be notified promptly and will be given the option of choosing another fish of equal value or of receiving a refund.


Serenity Koi Sales takes the health of koi very seriously.  Upon delivery to Serenity’s conservatory, quarantine and treatment procedures are immediately initiated.  Care during quarantine includes a preventative treatment for bacteria, parasites, and worms.  Once the koi have completed treatment, laboratory testing is performed to confirm that the koi do not have koi herpesvirus (KHV; also known as Cyprinid herpesvirus 3; CyHV3).  To ensure that the koi stay at optimal health during their stay, the water parameters are closely monitored, and the tanks are routinely treated.  The koi are fed an alternating diet of premium koi food which assist with growth, immune system development, energy, color formation, and toxin neutralization. 

Acclimation Instructions
Shipping Info
  • Do you accept returns on fish?  Do you buy back fish that I have purchased from you?
    Returns are not accepted on fish and there is not a buy back program in place. Serenity Koi Sales strives to maintain a healthy environment for all of the fish; therefore, purchases are only made from reputable breeders. Please be sure that you have adequate living arrangements for your fish prior to purchase because they will last you a long time if properly cared for!
  • Do you offer a guarantee on your fish sales?
    A live on arrival guarantee is offered on all fish sales.
  • Do you accept returns on consumables?
    Due to the nature of the consumables that are offered for sale, returns are not accepted. If you find that there is an issue with an item that you purchased, please contact Serenity Koi Sales for a resolution.
  • What are the ideal water parameters to maintain a healthy pond?
    Ammonia should be maintained at 0 ppm Nitrite should be maintained at 0 ppm Nitrate is safe between 0-40 ppm pH should be maintained between 7.5-8.4 KH should be maintained between 125-214 ppm If using salt, salinity should be maintained between 0.10-0.25%
  • Do you offer combined shipping?
    Yes, multiple koi may be shipped at once for the same shipping rate. The maximum number of koi shipped in one box may be limited at Serenity's discretion. You will be notified if multiple shipments are needed based on your order.
  • Are customers able to visit the facility?
    Serenity Koi Sales is a private aquatic sales facility and customers are not permitted onsite.
  • Can I choose the koi that I would like to purchase?
    There are some koi offerings where you may purchase the exact koi shown in the photo. There are other offerings where the photos are a representative of the variety that are available for sale. For these offerings, Serenity will choose your jewel for you.
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